Understanding Evaluation Mode


Arigato Automation offers a unique app subscription trial that allows merchants to explore all features of the Unlimited version of app without authorizing any charges to your Shopify account. 

All Evaluations start on an Unlimited plan. Unlimited plan features are identified with the star icon ★.

If you choose to downgrade to a Lite plan, the app will warn you about what features will no longer be available after downgrading.

You may downgrade to a Lite plan at any time during your evaluation (or after).

Please note that the trial period ends immediately when a subscription plan is activated.

Lite Plan Features

  • Create unlimited workflows
  • All action types
  • All conditions
  • Custom Actions
  • Custom Conditions
  • Token browser
  • Limited number of emails or SMS messages
  • *Schedules & Bulk Operations are NOT included in Lite plans

Unlimited Plan Features 

Access to all Lite plan features, plus

  • Schedules
  • Bulk Operations
  • Higher limits on emails and SMS messages