Twilio SMS Integration

This help article covers how you can set up a Twilio integration and use it to send SMS messages to your customers. You must have a Twilio account before moving ahead.

If you don't already have a Twilio account, you can create one here.

Getting Started

Head over to Arigato dashboard » Integrations » Twilio » Enable

Twilio API settings in Arigato

In Twilio
Log in to your Twilio account and head over to Account » Manage Account » General Settings and copy your Account SID and Account Token as shown below:

In Arigato
On the Twilio integration page, paste the two settings as shown below:

Arigato Integration "From" Setting

Arigato accepts either a Phone Number or a Messaging Service.

Phone Number

The Phone Number field accepts one E.164-formatted Twilio phone number. This phone number is assigned by Twilio. Only assigned phone numbers will work. Alphanumeric sender IDs will not work in this field. 

To use the phone number as the sender ID, go to Twilio account home » Project Info » Phone number and copy the value as shown below:

Messaging Service

Messaging Service is Twilio's free, scalable, messaging solution. Messaging Service supports multiple phone numbers, regional configurations, Alpha Numeric Sender IDs and fallbacks. 

To use Alphanumeric Sender IDs in Arigato, a Messaging Service must be configured. Alphanumeric Sender IDs are branded "From" addresses that are shown to the message recipient. For example, rather than seeing a phone number as the message "From" address, your customers might see "Your Store". Alphanumeric Sender IDs may be used at no additional cost when sending an SMS to countries that support this feature. Note, this feature is not currently available in the United States.

Alphanumeric Sender ID Pre-Registration

Some countries require registration to use Alphanumeric Sender IDs. Be sure to carefully review the requirements for your desired country. 

Create a Messaging Service

In the Twilio console, visit the Messaging Services page and click the button to create a Messaging Service, then follow the prompts.

>Add a sender to the Messaging Service

The Messaging Service can contain Twilio phone numbers, short codes, WhatsApp senders, and Alphanumeric Sender IDs. 

To create an Alphanumeric Sender ID, go to Twilio console » Select your Messaging Service » Sender Pool and click the button to a new Sender as shown below:

Select Alpha Sender on the next pop up screen:

Enter the Alpha Sender ID and click on Add Alpha Sender button as shown below:

Click on your Messaging Service » Properties and copy your Messaging Service SID as shown below:

In Arigato 

Paste the Messaging Service SID on the field shown below and save.

Testing & Logs

Review the logs in Twilio to ensure that your test messages are sent via the Messaging Service and not from a phone number. Be sure to update your actions in Arigato use the Twilio action type, not the SMS action type.