Bonify Apps are no longer embedded into Shopify

Starting on November 15th 2021 Bonify's suite of apps will no longer be embedded in the Shopify admin interface. Bonify Apps include:

  • Arigato Automation
  • Customer Account Fields
  • InstaSheets
  • Custom Fields (was never an embedded app)

How Does This Impact Me?

In general, un-embedding our apps from Shopify should not have an impact on app features or functionality. In fact, by un-embedding the apps we gain additional screen space, so we can add more useful functionality in the future. 

It also helps address some issues users were experiencing related to browser cookie permission settings.

If your app is showing as being embedded in the Shopify interface, go back to the "Apps" page in Shopify and click on the app again. The app should now open in a new tab.

Where are My Shopify Links?

We've add a new section to our main menu for quick access to your Shopify links.

Why the Change?

We made the decision for three primary reasons:

  1. Modern browsers are hostile to 3rd party cookies for security and privacy reasons. Removing our reliance on 3rd party cookies as embedded apps creates a smoother, more consistent, and more secure experience for our merchants.  
  2. Starting January 1st 2022 Shopify will be forcing a new authentication method for embedded apps that removes authentication via 3rd party cookies entirely; however, the new embedded app authentication system is not compatible with our current app architecture. 
  3. Embedded apps have limited screen space since the Shopify admin left-sidebar and top toolbar are always visible. Compared to fullscreen apps, embedded apps have ~30% less screen space available.