Breaking Changes for Fulfillment API

Shopify has deprecated some Fulfillment endpoints and added new endpoints. These changes are NOT backwards compatible. Bonify MUST update to Shopify API version 2022-07 before April 2023. Please update your workflows by no later than March 24th, 2023.

Refer to the Shopify API release notes for additional information.

Who does this change affect?

If you are using a Shopify API Request action, or Custom Action to make requests to certain "fulfillments" API endpoints this change may affect your workflows. Any workflows using the deprecated fulfillment endpoints will stop working when the app starts using the new version of the API.

Deprecated API Endpoints

  • POST /orders/{order_id}/fulfillments.json
    • Used for creating new fulfillments on an order.
  • PUT /orders/{order_id}/fulfillments/{fulfillment_id}.json
    • Used for updating a fulfillment.
  • POST /orders/{order_id}/fulfillments/{fulfillment_id}/complete.json
    • Used to mark a fulfillment as "complete".
  • POST /orders/{order_id}/fulfillments/{fulfillment_id}/open.json
    • Used to open a fulfillment.
  • POST /orders/{order_id}/fulfillments/{fulfillment_id}/cancel.json
    • Used to cancel a fulfillment.

What's the fix?

We have added new built in actions that can help with creating fulfillments, cancelling fulfillments, and updating the tracking info on fulfillments. 

These new actions are available to handle common use cases:

  • Order
    • Fulfill Entire Order Action
  • Order / Line Item
    • Fulfill Line Item Action
  • Order / Fulfillment
    • Cancel Fulfillment Action
    • Update Tracking Action
  • Order / Fulfillment Order
    • Fulfill All Line Items Action
  • Order / Fulfillment Order / Line Item
    • Fulfill Line Item Action

All the Actions listed above are currently available as standard actions within the interface. For developers, these new actions are available within Custom Actions, and all updated API endpoints for Fulfillments are also available for custom Shopify HTTP Request actions.

Support is available

Don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for advice or assistance. We would be happy to help you transition.