Configuring a SendGrid Integration

This help article covers how you can setup the SendGrid integration with one or more of your Workflows by using the SendGrid integration. You must first sign into your SendGrid dashboard.

Step 1: Sign in to SendGrid

Once signed into SendGrid and on your SendGrid dashboard, open the settings category on the sidebar and click on API Keys.


Step 2: Click on Create API Key

Once on the API Keys page, click on Create API Key, select Full Access and click Create.


Step 3: Copy API Key

Copy the key that they provide you with by clicking on the text on the form. 



Step 4: Paste the Key in Arigato Automation

Open the Arigato app and go to the integrations tab. Scroll to SendGrid and click enable. Then paste the API Key in the API Key form. Add your email and name to the form and click save.


Step 5: Test your Settings

After you click save, another form will appear below where you can test your email integration by sending a test email to yourself with a test message.


Step 6: Finish by Setting Up a Workflow

The last step is to use this integration in an action of a workflow. An example of this would be email a customer of mine if they ordered a specific product, etc.