Email Integration

Arigato comes with a built-in integration for sending emails. This integration sends emails from a domain.

It is recommend that when sending emails to your customers that you use an email provider that your company already uses to ensure email delivery and help avoid spam filters.

The Email integration supports configuring your own SMTP settings for common providers such as Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo!, Comcast and others.

If you want to use SendGrid or Gmail (GSuite for Business), there are separate integrations that you can use.

Configuring the Email Integration

The first step is to go to the "Integrations" page in Arigato and "Enable" the email integration. If the integration is already enabled simply click "Edit".


In the settings page for "Email provider" select "Other Email Provider or SMTP Server".


You will need to enter the settings for your SMTP provider. You can view common settings in the following help article: SMTP Settings for Common Email Providers


After saving your configured settings you will get a prompt to send a test message to verify that the settings have been entered correctly.