Using the Test Center

Most Arigato workflows can be tested using the Test Center. Certain workflow types are not currently available in the Test Center, such as Checkout based workflows.

Accessing the Test Center

From the Workflow tab on a Workflow, click on Test Center.

Selecting an Item to Test With

Search allows you to search for an order by the order's email address or a tag. Search options vary based on the type of workflow and are limited to the available search options Shopify provides app developers.

A list of recent items is displayed below the search area. The arrows below the list allow you to page through the list of items.  

Data Inspector

Once an item is selected, the view will change to show the Data Inspector and the item that you're testing with.

Inspecting Data

The Data Inspector will show you nearly all data that is available for the item you selected. Searching will narrow results, and scrolling allows for the discovery of data points. 

Condition Tests

The Condition Tests section is displayed by Condition Group. A simple workflow will only have one condition group. Conditions will be displayed as Pass/Fail to show that the item you selected either passes or fails the condition tests. 

Action Tests

Action Tests section is also displayed by Condition Group. Each Action is listed separately. View an Action to view and run the Action on the selected item. When viewing the Action, the Action will compile any Twig code you may have entered and will display the final result of that code.

Code entered on the workflow itself

Rendered result of the code in Test Center

Inline Testing

Selecting an item to test with in the Test Center will enable Inline Testing when editing the workflow itself. Inline testing creates a preview in-context without the need to visit the Test Center itself. 

The blue eye icon indicates a preview is available

Hovering on the blue eye shows the result inline

Test Center Walkthrough Video