Workflows may be triggered to run against a group of items at any time (or on a schedule) via the batch system.

Creating an On-Demand Workflow 

Creating a Batch Workflow From the My Workflows Page

During the trigger setup, simply select the option for "scheduled or on-demand".


Changing an existing Workflow to Work With Batches 

Changing the setting for when the workflow runs will present the option to switch to on-demand. Alternatively, an existing workflow can be cloned to act as a separate on-demand batch version.


Accessing the Batch Configuration

From the bottom of a supported workflow, click on the "Run Batch..." button to configure the batch.


Batch Filters & Batch Quotas

Batches start with all resources in your store, such as all products or all orders. For example, if your store has 10,000 products, a batch without any filters will run against all 10,000 products.

Batch Filters allow you to reduce the data set that the batch will run against. The batch data set will then be run through your workflow and the conditions in your workflow will determine if actions will fire. 

Batch Quotas are based on the number of items fetched for batch processing. Batch Quotas do not take into account conditions on the workflow itself. We highly recommend filtering batch data sets as much as possible due to the processing limitations imposed by Shopify's API limits and to stay within your Batch Quota. 

For example, if your store has 10,000 products and you only want to target products with a certain tag that applies to 100 products, add a Batch Filter on that tag. The batch would only evaluate those 100 products as part of the batch. Without the batch filter, all 10,000 products will be part of the batch data set, regardless of the conditions on the workflow. Workflow conditions will be evaluated for each item in the batch as the batch items are processed. Batches with filters will complete significantly faster than batches that are not filtered. 


Running a Batch

Clicking the Run Batch button will start the batch. Batches may be canceled manually once started. Batches must gather data from Shopify, evaluate the workflow conditions, and perform the actions in the workflow. Some conditions or actions may require additional data from Shopify which will add additional load and slow the batch process. Batch progress and general stats are provided on the page.