Run Workflows Directly in Shopify

Arigato Automation allows you to run your workflows against specific items selected in Shopify.

Create an On-Demand Workflow

Most Triggers in Arigato include an On-Demand version.


You can also change an existing workflow to "on-demand" by changing the trigger type of an existing workflow or by cloning an existing workflow and changing the trigger type in your cloned version. 

Screenshot_2019-07-02_12.49.31.pngTrigger Your Workflow in the Shopify Admin

Triggering For One Item

Visit any product, customer, or order. Click on "Additional Actions".

Triggering For Multiple Items 

Visit the Customers page or Orders page.

Select one or more customers and click the "Actions" dropdown. Select "Run Arigato Workflow":


In the app, click "Run Workflow":


Your workflow will be run against the customers you selected. You can check the Logs page to see that your action has successfully run.


You can run workflows on a single item, or many items. On-demand workflows are available for orders, products, product variants, customers, and draft orders.