Log a message (debug code) Action

The Log A Message action in Arigato can help you understand the state of your data when the workflow runs. 

This is very helpful when editing multi-step workflows where the data can change over time.

Add the "Log A Message" Action

To get started with logging, simply add the Log A Message action to your workflow.

Viewing Complex Data Structures

To "dump" variables and inspect the contents, such as for arrays or objects that contain multiple data points, use the debug filter.


{{ product | debug }}

Viewing Logs

These log messages are included on the Logs page for completed tasks. Trigger your workflow in order to view the log data. 

Inline Testing
Log messages are also available when testing to assist you while you build your workflows. Note that testing requires a test object to be selected before any results will be rendered. Once a test item is selected, the data will be rendered automatically, or when the Test button is clicked.