Run an Action Once Per Item

If you need an action to run only one time, such as notifying a customer about an order they placed, the "Run Once" option ensures that the action will be run only one time per unique resource ID.

For example, let's say you have a workflow that listens for Order/ Created and Order/Updated events. When a new order is placed it may go through a sequence of actionable events:

  1. Initial order created event.
  2. Order gets paid (an update event).
  3. Order gets fulfilled (an update event).
  4. Order note gets updated (an update event).

By default, your workflow would execute your actions four times (once per event) if you had no conditions on the workflow. 

Using the "Run Once" option you can ensure that your action is not accidentally triggered multiple times. This is particularly useful when used with notifications such as emails, slack messages, etc. 

Additional Details

This feature is on a per-item, per action, per condition group basis. If an action using this feature is deleted and added again, it will be treated as an entirely new action and previous "run once" entries are ignored.

Run once data is logged and available in the Arigato Database tab in the app.

Run once data is also available in the Data Inspector, just search "run once" with a test object selected on your workflow.