Set a Value in the Arigato Database

This action allows you to set arbitrary data that you can use across all of your workflows. The data can be global (attached to the Shop), or can be specifically set on resources in your store, such as customers, orders, and products.

So set a database value, first select the resource type you want to set the value on. If you select a resource other than "Shop" you will need to select a resource ID.

For example, if you want to set a database value for an order, open the Token Browser by clicking the {t} button and select the Order ID token.


What is this action for?

Primarily this action is used for some advanced workflows where storing values in metafields is too expensive. By using the this action rather than setting metafield values, workflows will process much faster. Anytime a workflow needs to read or write values from a metafield it takes additional time.

A common use-case is to store some type of "state" and use a condition to check for the value. For example, if you had some workflow actions you only ever wanted to run once for a specific item you could set a database value, such as: "has_run > true". In the same workflow you could add a condition that check that the database value "has_run" is not equal to "true". This would ensure the workflow would only run once for an item.