SMS Action Credit Cost

Sending SMS messages is an ever-changing landscape with widely varying costs. In recent years, carrier fees have grown along with other regulatory fees. SMS message costs vary between less than $0.01 USD to over $0.50 USD per message. To account for this, Arigato's built-in SMS message Action cost is calculated dynamically.

Credit Cost Calculation

SMS Action Credits are based on the actual price of sending the message. Short messages to either US or Canadian phone numbers generally range between 10 and 40 credits per message.

Message credit costs are calculated at 10 credits per cent of actual charges. For example, a long message sent to Uzbekistan might cost $0.25 USD and would use 250 credits.

Bring Your Own SMS Account

Setting up your own Twilio account and use the Twilio Action in the app provides maximum control at the minimum price. 1 SMS message sent using your own Twilio account is either 1 credit on a Lite plan, or completely unlimited on our Unlimited plans.