Switching to SendGrid from the Legacy Email Action

This article covers the steps required to switch from the Legacy email action in Arigato to the more scalable SendGrid action. 

Step 1: Create an account

Go to SendGrid, select a plan, and create an account.

Step 2: Create a Sender

Once your new account is ready you will be prompted to create a new sender. Next, follow the prompts to verify your email address identity.

Step 3: Authenticate Sending Domain(optional)

An authenticated domain improves deliverability and reputation and is recommended for sending emails at scale. Please follow this SendGrid tutorial to set up domain authentication.

Step 4: Create an API Key

Create a new key by following this SendGrid tutorial. We recommend selecting the default option of Full Access for the API key.

Step 5: Copy your Key

Step 6: Copy the Key in Aigato Automation

Open the Arigato app and go to the Integrations page. Scroll to SendGrid and click enable. Then paste the API Key in the API Key form. Add your email and name to the form and click save.

Step 7: Test your Settings

After you click save, another form will appear below where you can test your email integration by sending a test email to yourself with a test message.

Step 8: Replace the Legacy Email Action with SendGrid

Click to edit the workflow that was formerly using the Email action and click on the + ACTION button to add a new action to the workflow.

Search for the SendGrid action and add it to your workflow.

Copy your email settings from the legacy Email action to the new SendGrid action and delete the Email action to prevent the submission of duplicate emails.