Fair Pricing For Plus Stores

Over the years, pricing Arigato has proven to be a surprising challenge, especially for Shopify Plus stores. 
Pricing has always been rooted in the idea that Plus customers use more resources than other customers, and that a customer's Shopify plan is a good proxy for the resources they will use. We still believe this is true, but there are often exceptions. 
Some Plus stores send us a million webhooks a day. Others send a handful and they're on Plus for their own unique reasons. We've always been happy to hear from customers and come up with a fair price when it makes sense for both sides.  
Today, we're embracing our longstanding internal policy and letting our little secret out. Our Plus store pricing is now a Suggested Price. If the Suggested Price doesn't seem fair for your unique situation, it's ok. We can work it out. Let's talk. 
We want you to be a raving fan of Arigato and we're committed to your success because ultimately, our success depends on your success. Let's win together. 
Here's how it works. Send us an email at sales@bonify.io. Let us know what's different about your situation and what price you think is fair. Be sure to include your myshopify.com domain name. If we agree, we'll accept your offer. If not, we'll counter your offer. The goal is to arrive at a price that feels fair to you and to us.