Twilio Integration (Bring your Own Text Message/SMS Provider)

Arigato Automation can connect to Twilio, allowing merchants to send Text/SMS messages globally with complete control of costs, regions and more.

Configuring the Integration

  1. From within the app, in the left sidebar, click Integrations.
  2. Locate the Twilio integration and click Enable.
  3. On the Twilio integration page, locate the Twilio API Settings.
  4. Enter the Account SID, found in the Twilio Console under the Account Info section.
  5. Enter the Account Token found in the Twilio Console under the Account Info section.
  6. Choose the From.
    1. If using a Phone Number, enter the phone number associated with the Twilio account. Phone numbers must be purchased from Twilio. Existing phone numbers can be found in the Twilio Console under the Account Info section. 
    2. If using a Messaging Service, enter the Messaging Service SID. See Twilio documentation on Messaging Services.
  7. Save the settings.


  1. From the Twilio integration page in the app, locate the section Test Your Twilio Settings
  2. In the Send test message to phone number field enter a valid phone number including area code and country code.
  3. In the Test Message field, change the message or leave as-is.
  4. Click Send Test Message.    

If the test message is not successfully executed, troubleshooting information is not provided via the Integration page. Instead, test the Action from any workflow. The Action testing system will provide a log message and error code sent from Twilio along with a link to the specific Twilio documentation for that error to assist in debugging the issue.

Messaging Services

Twilio's Messaging Service supports multiple phone numbers, regional configurations, Alpha Numeric Sender IDs, Short Codes, What's App Numbers, Facebook Messenger and fallback settings. 

To create a Messaging Service and get a Messaging Service SID for use in Arigato, visit the Messaging Service Setup page in Twilio and follow the steps in the Messaging Service Setup wizard or copy an existing Messaging Service SID from the page linked above.

Alphanumeric Sender IDs

Alphanumeric Sender IDs are available in some countries. This feature is not currently available in the United States. Refer to the Twilio documentation International support for Alphanumeric Sender ID for more information. Countries that require pre-registration to use Alphanumeric Sender IDs are flagged on the documentation page.  

Credit Costs

Twilio Actions cost 1 credit on Lite plans and are unlimited on Unlimited plans.


Arigato only supports one Twilio account with one Phone Number or Messaging Service for all messages sent from the app.


The Phone Number field does not accept Alphanumeric Sender IDs. Only phone numbers purchased from Twilio will work in the Phone Number field. 

 Alphanumeric Sender IDs must use a Twilio Messaging Service