Sendgrid Integration

Arigato Automation can send email messages from a Sendgrid account, allowing better control, visibility and deliverability of email messages sent from the app.

Configuring the Integration

  1. From within the app, in the left sidebar, click Integrations.
  2. Locate the Sendgrid integration and click Enable.
  3. Enter the API Key. Refer to Sendgrid documentation to generate an API key
  4. Enter the From Email Address. Sender addresses must be verified with Sendgrid. Refer to Sendgrid documentation on Sender Identity
  5. Enter the From Name. Generally this will be the store name.
  6. Save the form.


  1. Enter the To email address.
  2. Change the Subject of the test email, if desired.
  3. Change the Test Message if desired.
  4. Click Send Test Message.

If the test message is not successfully executed, troubleshooting information is not provided via the Integration page. Instead, test the Action from any workflow. The Action testing system will provide a more detailed log message to assist in debugging the issue.

Credit Costs

Sendgrid Actions cost 1 credit on Lite plans and are unlimited on Unlimited plans.