Global Action: Set a value in the Arigato Database for the Shop

The Set a Value in the Arigato Database for the Shop Action allows users to store global data associated with their store in the Arigato Database. This can be used later in Workflow Conditions, Actions, or within Twig code.

Configuring the Action

Field Name Description
Key The identifier for retrieving this data globally, unique across the entire shop.
Value The data to be saved. This can be a fixed value or dynamically set using Twig.

Retrieving the Data

To use the saved value, reference it as a token like so:

{{ shop.database['key'] }}

To save 'next_sale_date' in the Arigato Database for the shop, set next_sale_date as the Key and the sale date as the Value.

Accessing and Managing Data

To view or edit saved values, navigate to Storage in the Arigato app's sidebar. You can search for existing values or click Create to add new values manually.

Use Cases

Employ this action for scenarios where global shop information needs to be stored, such as configuration settings, counters, or flags to indicate if an event has occurred.

For instance, track the number of times a workflow has run by incrementing a counter each time the workflow executes. This helps in reporting or limiting the execution count.

Integration with Custom Actions

This Action can be utilized in Custom Actions. Refer to the documentation.