Global Action: Send an email

The  Send an Email Action in Arigato allows merchants to send emails using Arigato, spending Action Credits to do so.

Configuring the Action

This Action requires the Email integration . See the Related Article at the bottom of the page for instructions on configuring the integration in general.

Field Name Description
To Required. Email address(es) to send to. Multiple addresses separated by commas.
Cc Carbon copy email address(es). Multiple addresses separated by commas. 
Bcc Blind carbon copy email address(es). Multiple addresses separated by commas.
Reply-To Email address for recipients to reply to..
Subject Email subject line. 
Email Formatting Choose Format as plain text (no HTML) for text emails or Format as HTML for HTML formatting.
Message The main content of the email. Can include HTML and Twig code. Use inline_css filter and inky_to_html for styles. See below.
Purpose Required. The intention of the email: Marketing for campaigns or Transactional for order confirmations, etc.

Twig Filters

Twig filters are tools in the Twig templating language used to modify and format output, such as changing text case, truncating strings, or converting data formats. This Action supports two special filters that can assist in the creation of emails.

Twig Filter Description
Converts Inky, a HTML-like language for writing responsive email templates, into standard HTML.
Applies CSS styles directly to the HTML elements to ensure styles are preserved in email clients that do not support <style> and instead require inline css. See documentation.

Credit Cost

Sending email using Arigato's built-in email system costs 10 Action Credits on all plans. Switch to the SMTP, Gmail or Sendgrid integrations in the app to reduce the cost to 1 Action Credit per email on Lite plans or unlimited on Unlimited plans.

Custom Actions

Using this Action in a Custom Action is supported. See documentation.