Shopify Global Action: Create a redirect

The Create a Redirect Action in Arigato allows merchants to automate the process of creating redirects within their Shopify store.

Configuring the Action

Field Name Description
Old Path Required. The old URL path to redirect from. This must be a relative path (e.g., /pages/old-url).
New Path Required. The new URL path that you want to redirect to. This must be a relative path (e.g., /pages/new-url).

Twig Code for Dynamic Paths

Twig code can be used to dynamically set the old and new paths for the redirect. This is especially useful when creating redirects in bulk or within workflows that process multiple paths.

Example: To redirect from an old product path to a collection, use Twig to construct the path based on the product's handle.

Old Path


New Path


Credit Cost

Creating redirects with Arigato costs 1 credit on Lite plans and is unlimited on Unlimited plans.

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For more information on managing redirects in Shopify, consider reading Shopify's own documentation. For more advanced redirects that involve dynamic paths based on product data, customer data, etc., see Arigato's Twig documentation