Shopify Global Action: Delete any resource

The Delete Any Resource action in Arigato allows merchants to delete various types of resources from their Shopify store, including Products, Product Variants, Customers, Orders, Draft Orders, Blogs, Smart Collections, Custom Collections and Pages.

Configuring the Action

Field Name Description
Resource Type Required. Select the type of resource you want to delete. Options include Product, Product Variant, Customer, Order, Draft Order, Blog, Smart Collection, or Custom Collection. Only listed resources can be deleted.
Resource ID Required. The unique identifier for the resource. Use Twig code to specify the ID dynamically. Example: {{ }} for products.

Credit Cost

Deleting resources costs one Action Credit on Lite plans and is unlimited on Unlimited plans.

Custom Actions

Using this Action in a Custom Action is fully supported. Refer to the documentation. Resources that are not listed specifically above can be deleted using a Shopify API request. See Related Articles below.