Product Action: Remove tags from product

The Remove Tags from Product action in Arigato allows merchants to remove tags from their products in Shopify. This can be useful for cleaning up and updating inventory tags.

Configuring the Action

Field Name Description Example
Remove Tags Enter the tags to remove from the product. This should be a comma-separated list. Winter, Out-of-Season

Advanced Usage

To conditionally remove tags from a product based on the inventory quantity, you can use the following Twig snippet:

{% if product.inventory_quantity <= 5 %}
{% endif %}

This will remove the 'Clearance' tag from the product if its inventory quantity is 5 or fewer.

Credit Cost

Removing tags from products uses one Action Credit on Lite plans and is unlimited on Unlimited plans.

Custom Actions

This Action can be implemented within Custom Actions for more complex tag management needs. For information on using Twig within custom actions, see the documentation.