Product Action: Update product description

The Update Product Description Action in Arigato allows for the modification of product descriptions within Shopify. This functionality is ideal for refreshing product information, incorporating new details, or adding marketing content to product descriptions.

Configuring the Action

Field Name Description
Product Description Required. Enter new description for the product is entered. Basic HTML tags such as <br>, <p>, <ul>, <ol> are supported for formatting, along with Twig code for dynamic content. To append new information to the existing description, print the existing description, followed by the additional text.: {{ product.body_html }} Additional text to include after the existing description or print a Twig token here.'

Note: To completely replace the existing description, the new description should be entered into the Product Description field without adding {{ product.body_html }}.

Credit Cost

Altering product descriptions incurs a cost of one Action Credit on Lite plans and is included in Unlimited plans.

Custom Actions

This Action can be implemented within Custom Actions for more complex needs. For information on using Twig within Custom Actions, see the documentation.