Product Action: Remove product from collections

The Remove Product from Collections Action in Arigato provides merchants with an automated method to exclude products from specific collections within Shopify.

Configuring the Action

Field Name Description
Collections Required. This area displays checkboxes for each available Manual Collection within the Shopify store. Select the collections from which to remove the product by checking the corresponding boxes.

Shopify's architecture prevents products from being manually removed from Smart Collections through this Action or via the Shopify admin interface. Smart Collections manage product inclusion based on predefined conditions by the merchant's configuration. Therefore, this Action only applies to Manual Collections.

For more complex use cases, use this Action within a Custom Action.

Credit Cost

Removing products from collections incurs a cost of one Action Credit on Lite plans and is unlimited on Unlimited plans.

Custom Actions

This Action can be implemented within Custom Actions for more complex needs. For information on using Twig within Custom Actions, see the documentation.