Product Action: Unpublish product

The Unpublish Product Action in Arigato allows merchants to remove products from the Shopify Online Store sales channel. 

Configuring the Action

Field Name Description
When the product is unpublished from the Online Store also change the product status This checkbox determines whether the product's status should be changed when it is unpublished. 
Set the product status to When changing the product's status is selected, choose the new status for the product. Options include:
  • Archived: Marks the product as archived in your Shopify store.
  • Draft: Sets the product status to draft, making it unavailable for purchase until further action is taken.

Credit Cost

Unpublishing products from the online incurs a cost of one Action Credit on Lite plans and is unlimited on Unlimited plans.

Custom Actions

This Action can be implemented within Custom Actions for more complex needs. For information on using Twig within Custom Actions, see the documentation.