Variant Action: Update product variant price

The Update Product Variant Price Action in Arigato Automation for Shopify enables merchants to dynamically adjust the price of product variants. 

Configuring the Action

Field Name Description Example
Discount Amount Enter the value by which the product variant's price should be increased or decreased. 5.00
Discount Type Select whether the entered amount is a fixed dollar value or a percentage of the current price. Percent (%)
Undo this discount Select if the discount should be reversed, effectively increasing the price. (Checked)
Only apply this discount once per variant Ensure the discount is only applied once to a variant regardless of how many times the workflow is triggered. (Unchecked)

Credit Cost

Using the Update Product Variant Price Action counts as a single action credit on Lite plans. There is no credit cost for Unlimited plan users.

Custom Actions

The Update Product Variant Price Action within Custom Actions is fully supported. Additional information and examples are available in the documentation.