Order Actions: Cancel order

The Cancel order Action in Arigato Automation for Shopify allows merchants to cancel orders and take additional actions based on individual store criteria.

Configuring the Action

Field Name Description
Reason Select the reason for cancelling the order. Options include:
Customer changed or cancelled order: Cancellation was requested by the customer.
Items unavailable: The store cannot fulfill the order.
Fraudulent: The order is believed to be fraudulent.
Payment declined: The payment for the order was declined by the payment processor. 
Other: Any other reason
Restock Items Check this to indicate that product quantities in the order will be added back to the store.
Void Transactions Voids any pending credit card transactions.
Send notification to customer Whether or not to send a notification to the customer to let them know that the order has been cancelled.

Credit Cost

Using the Cancel order Action counts as a single action credit on Lite plans. There is no credit cost for Unlimited plan users.

Custom Actions

The Cancel order action is fully supported in Custom Actions. Further information and examples on integrating custom actions with Twig code can be found in the documentation.