Order Actions: Create order risk

The Create order risk Action in Arigato Automation for Shopify enables merchants to add custom Risks and messages to an order.

Configuring the Action

Field Name Description Example
Recommendation Cancel Order: Flags the order in the Shopify interface to encourage the merchant to cancel the order.
Investigate Order: Flags the order in the Shopify interface to encourage the merchant to investigate this order.
Accept Order - Indicates that the order should be accepted as no indication of fraud was found.
Cancel Order
Message An optional note for the Risk, displayed in the Fraud Analysis section of the order. Order from a high risk area.

Additional Information

This action creates a new Order Risk each time it runs. If this action runs multiple times and attempts to create more than one Order Risk, Shopify will only show the worst Order Risk in the interface. The other Order Risks will be ignored/not shown.

Credit Cost

Using the Create order risk Action counts as a single action credit on Lite plans. There is no credit cost for Unlimited plan users.

Custom Actions

The Create order risk Action is fully supported in Custom Actions. Guidelines for implementing this action, along with other examples, can be found in the documentation.