Order Actions: Fulfill entire order

The Fulfill Entire Order Action in Arigato Automation for Shopify enables merchants to automate the fulfillment process for orders.

Configuring the Action

Field Name Description Example
Message A message associated with the fulfillment request, visible to third-party fulfillment services. "Order ready for fulfillment."
Notify Customer Indicates whether an email notification is sent to the customer about the fulfillment. Checked/Unchecked
Tracking Company The shipping carrier's name used for the fulfillment. USPS
Tracking Number The tracking number provided by the shipping carrier. "123456789"
Tracking URL The URL for tracking the fulfillment progress. "http://example.com/track"

Additional Information

This Action fulfills the entire order. To fulfill a specific line item in the order, use the  Fulfill line item Action on a specific line item.

Credit Cost

Using the Fulfill entire order Action counts as a single action credit on Lite plans. There is no credit cost for Unlimited plan users.

Custom Actions

The Fulfill entire order Action is fully supported in Custom Actions. Further information and examples can be found in the documentation.