Customer Action: Remove tags from customer

The Remove tags from customer action in Arigato provides a straightforward method for merchants to manage and update customer tags in Shopify. This action can be particularly helpful in maintaining organized, relevant tagging for customers over time.

Configuring the Action

Field Name Description Example
Remove Tags Specify the tags to be removed from the customer profile. Input must be a comma-separated list of tags. Wholesale,Inactive

Advanced Usage

For conditional removal of tags based on certain attributes such as spend amount, the following Twig code snippet can be applied:

{% if customer.total_spent < 500 %}
{% endif %}

Credit Cost

Actions such as removing tags from a customer consume one Action Credit for users on the Lite plan, and are  unlimited on the Unlimited plan.

Custom Actions

For more intricate tag management requirements or workflows, this action can be utilized within Custom Actions. Detailed guidelines for integrating Twig into custom actions are available in the documentation.