Customer Action: Update customer email consent

The Update customer email consent Action in Arigato Automation for Shopify enables merchants to update a customer's consent status for email marketing. This is useful for adhering to privacy laws and regulations regarding email communication.

Configuring the Action

Field Name Description Example
Opt In Level Defines how the customer consented to receive marketing emails. Options are:
  • Confirmed Opt In: The customer needs to confirm their subscription through an additional step after signing up.
  • Single Opt In: The customer is subscribed to marketing emails immediately after sign-up without needing to confirm their email.
  • Unknown: It is not known how the customer's opt-in was obtained.
Confirmed Opt In.
Marketing State Determines the customer's current subscription status to marketing emails. Subscribed.

Credit Cost

Utilizing the Update customer email consent Action consumes one action credit on Lite plans. There are no credit fees for those on the Unlimited plan.

Custom Actions

Support for the Update customer email consent Action extends to Custom Actions, where more details and application examples are provided in the documentation.