Customer Action: Update one or more customer field values

The Update one or more customer field values action in Arigato Automation for Shopify allows for the modification of various customer attributes.


Field Description Example
First Name Update the customer's first name. John
Email Change the email address associated with the customer.
Last Name Modify the customer's last name. Doe
Phone Update the phone number on record for the customer. 123-456-7890
Tags Adjust or append tags for sorting and categorization of customer profiles. VIP, Repeat Customer
Tax Exempt Change the customer's tax exemption status to true or false. True
Note Add or update notes associated with the customer profile. Customer prefers email communication.
Accepts Email Marketing Update the customer's consent status for email marketing. True
Verified Email Update the status of the customer's email verification. True
Address Fields Update address-related fields for the customer. Each field such as Address 1, City, or Zip is updated individually. Address 1: 1234 Main Street, City: Anytown, Zip: 12345

Credit Cost

The Update one or more customer field values action requires one action credit on Lite plans. Plans with unlimited action credits are not affected by usage of this operation.

Custom Actions

This Action supports Custom Actions. For more detailed information, refer to the documentation.