Customer Action: Set a value in the Arigato Database for a customer

The Set a value in the Arigato Database for a customer Action enables workflows to store specific data related to a customer in the Arigato Database. This feature enhances the customization and personalization capabilities of workflows by allowing for the retention and subsequent retrieval of data unique to individual customers.

Configuring the Action

Field Name Description
Key An identifier for the data being stored. This key is used to retrieve the stored data and must be unique for each customer.
Value The specific data to be stored in the database for a customer. Can be either static text or dynamic content generated through Twig code.

Using the Data

Data stored can be accessed in future workflows using the following token format. Replace key with the actual Key used when setting the value.

{{ customer.database['key'] }}

To track a customer's preference for product updates, use product_update_preference as the Key, and store values like "weekly", "monthly", or "never" as the Value.

Viewing, Editing & Manually Setting Data

Access the Storage option from the left sidebar within the app to manage stored values. This includes searching for existing entries by Resource Type, Key, or Value and creating new entries manually through the Create button.

Use Cases

Utilizing this action circumvents certain Metafield API constraints, providing workflows with a swift method to save and access customer-specific information. 

Custom Actions

You can also use this action within a Custom Action. To do so, generate the required payload with the specified key-value pair. See documentation for more information.