Configuring an IFTTT Webhook Integration

This help article covers how to configure Arigato Automation to send data to IFTTT service. You must first sign into your IFTTT account...

Step 1: Find Your Webhook Key

Under "Services", search for "webhook" and click on the "Webhooks" service.

You can also click here to get to the Webhooks page.


On the "Webhooks" page click the "Documentation" button.

Copy your key:


Paste into the IFTTT integration settings form in the Arigato Automation app:


Step 2: Configure Your Action to Send Webhook Values

Only three webhook values can be sent to IFTTT. The "Event Name" must match an IFTTT configured applet.


Step 3: Create an IFTTT Applet

Create a new applet and select "Webhooks" as the service and click "Receive a web request".

Create an "Event Name" that matches what you setup in the IFTTT action type.


You will be able to use the three dynamic values from the IFTTT action configuration. They will be called Value1, Value2, and Value3.