Configuring a Shopify Flow Integration

This integration requires that you have Shopify Flow enabled on your site. 

Step 1: Enable Shopify Flow

Install the Shopify Flow app into your store and enable the Shopify Flow integration in the Arigato Automation app.

Step 2: Add the Shopify Flow Action to Your Workflow

In your workflow click "+ Action" and select the "Send to Shopify Flow" action. 

You can configure what data you want to send to Flow, however, you are limited to a select number of fields including:

  • 1 title field (which is the name you give the triggered event)
  • 5 string fields
  • 3 boolean fields
  • 3 number fields
  • 1 url field
  • 1 email field

You can enter token values into the available fields.

Step 3: Create a Shopify Flow Workflow using the Triggered Event

Under "Start When" click "Select Trigger" and select the "Incoming Trigger Event" from the Arigato Automation app.


Step 4: Conditions

Your first condition should use the "Trigger Title" that was set in Arigato Automation. In Shopify Flow you can create a condition based on the Trigger Title.


Next, you can create additional conditions based on the data you are passing to Shopify Flow.


Step 5: Actions

Next, you can create actions which use the variable data that you are passing to Shopify Flow. Example sending an email: