Shopify Flow Integration

Arigato Automation can send data to the Shopify Flow app, allowing merchants to trigger additional actions or interact with other apps.

Configuring the Integration

  1. From within the app, in the left sidebar, click Integrations.
  2. Locate the Shopify Flow integration and click Enable.
  3. In a separate browser tab, access the Shopify Flow app.
    1. Click Create workflow
    2.  Click Select a trigger
    3. In the Select trigger dialog, choose Arigato Automation.
    4. Choose Incoming Trigger Event.
    5. Add a Condition for Trigger Title, matching to the Trigger Variable of Trigger Title.
    6. Add any desired Conditions or Actions to the Flow workflow. Data from Arigato will be passed into the Trigger Variables in Flow.
  4. Back in Arigato, return to the desired Workflow.
    1. Add a Send to Shopify Flow Action and configure to suit. The Arigato Action's configured values will be available in the Shopify Flow Action as Trigger Variables


Triggering the Shopify Flow Action can be achieved by simply running an Action test from the Action itself inside of Arigato, as usual. When the Flow Action is triggered the data will show in the Recent Runs report log for the target workflow. 

Credit Costs

Shopify Flow Actions cost 1 credit on Lite plans and are unlimited on Unlimited plans.