Getting Started with Workflows

Each Workflow consists of a Trigger, Conditions, and Actions.


Basic workflows in Arigato start with events in Shopify, such as a product being updated or an order being placed on the store. 

Advanced usage of Arigato can include manually triggered bulk operations, manually triggered (on-demand events), planned schedules, and incoming webhooks.

How Triggers Impact Conditions 

The Trigger you select determines the available Conditions and the Tokens available for your Actions. 

For example, selecting a trigger on Customer Created will reveal Conditions relevant to the Customer Created trigger.


Conditions are determined by the selected Trigger also. Different Triggers come with different Conditions. For example, the Customer Created trigger comes with Conditions about the Customer.

Depending on the Condition selected, you'll see additional options for filtering that item.


Much like Conditions, some Actions are also dependent on the Trigger you've selected but most of the global actions are available from the actions picker. You can use the search field to filter actions that are specific to the current trigger.

By default, the action picker will show the actions that are available in all workflows.

Depending on the Action selected, additional options will appear.