Testing Workflows

Getting Started With Testing

Items to test with can be selected just below the Trigger settings on the workflow edit page. See screenshot below.

Locating a Test Item
Recent items are automatically listed. Search options vary based on the workflow type. 

Data Inspector
Once an item is selected, the view will change to show the Data Inspector and the item that you're testing with. The Data Inspector will show you nearly all data that is available for the item you selected. Searching will narrow results, and scrolling allows for the discovery of data points. When finished inspecting data, simply click the close button in the top right.

All data shown in the inspector is available to Conditions and accessible as Tokens in Actions. 

Condition Tests

Once a test item is selected, conditions are evaluated directly on the Workflow Edit screen, using the selected item.

Action Tests

Once a test item is selected, tokens and Twig code are rendered inline within the Action, just below the text area where the token was entered.

Disabling Live Preview
Clicking the eyeball icon inside of any text area in an Action will remove the inline test result box. Similarly, if no test item is selected, previews will not be generated.

Live Tests
Clicking the green Test button will perform a live test of the Action and output the test's result.