Using the Arigato Database

The Arigato Database provides quick and easy storage for miscellaneous data.

You can set new database values by using the action: "Set a value in the Arigato Database". You can learn more about that action type here.

You can view and edit your stored data by going to the "Arigato Database" page in the menu.

On that page you can view, edit, create, and delete keys for any resource, including the global "shop" object.

Storing Global Settings

Let's say you want a value that you can reuse in any of your workflow actions, such as a list of data. First, create the value on the global "shop" object:


Next, in a workflow action you can access this value. Go to edit an action and use the token:

{{ shop.database.my_list }}

In an "Add product tags" action the token would look like this:


If we needed the list to become an actual "array" we could use some Twig templating to modify the value:

{% for item in shop.database.my_list | split(",") %}  TAG_ITEM:{{ item }}, {% endfor %}

Editing Global Settings

Now if you want to modify your tagging workflow you can just modify the stored global setting. First, go to the "Arigato Database" page. Next, let's search for our value:


In the records table, click "Edit" next to the correct value:


Now you can update the stored value: