SMTP Email Integration (Bring Your Own Email Provider)

Arigato Automation provides Merchants the ability to send emails using their own email provider. This article is specific to using SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) to send email. 

Other options for sending email in Arigato include a specific Gmail integration, a specific Sendgrid integration and the ability to send directly from the app using the built-in Arigato email provider. Refer to the related articles linked below for more information on these other options.  

Configuring the Integration

  1. From within the app, in the left sidebar, click Integrations
  2. Locate the Email integration and click Enable.
  3. On the Email integration page, locate Select an email provider and choose Other Email Provider or SMTP Server.
  4. In the Custom SMTP Settings section:
    1. Set the Mode to Test.
    2. Set the Username to your SMTP account username. This is usually the email address associated with the account.
    3.  Set the Password to your SMTP account password. This is usually the password for the email address associated with the account.
    4. Set the SMTP Host. This is the domain associated with the SMTP provider, for example: See the Related Articles below for settings for common providers.
    5. Set the SMTP Server Port. This is the port on the SMTP server that allows incoming connections. This is commonly either 465 for SSL connections or 587 for TLS connections, but the port setting is at the discretion of the provider and may vary.
    6.  Set the From Email Address. This is usually an email address associated with the SMTP account. Depending on your provider and settings with that provider, allowed email addresses can vary at the discretion of the provider.
    7. Set the From Name. This is usually a loose configuration at your own discretion, but options may vary at the discretion of the provider.  
  5. Click Save Settings.

Microsoft Outlook Authentication Issues

If the Microsoft Outlook account being used for email uses 2 Factor Authentication (2FA), then an App Password is required. Using the password associated with the email account itself will not work.

Refer to Microsoft's documentation to generate an App Password, then use that password in the Password field on the Email integration page in the app.


  1. Within the app, on the Email integration page, Locate the Test Your Custom SMTP Settings section.
  2. Enter a To email address which will receive the test message.
  3. Enter a Subject for the test message.
  4. Enter a Test Message for the body of the test message.
  5. Click Send Test Message.

Credit Costs

This action costs 1 credit on Lite Plans and is unlimited on Unlimited plans. 


Arigato only supports using 1 SMTP account for all emails from the system.