Global Action: Send a Slack Message

The Send a Slack message Action in Arigato allows merchants to send Slack messages to any channel or user the Slack account user has access to.

Configuring the Action

This Action requires the integration be set up and configured first. See the Related Article at the bottom of the page for instructions on configuring the integration.

Field Name Description
To The @user or #channel to send the message to. This field uses a static setting. If sending to a variable setting is needed, then use a Custom Action instead. 
Message The formatted message to be sent.

Formatting Slack Messages

Slack messages are sent using Markdown. See Slack documentation. Tokens can be inserted into the markdown. In the example below, the Token for the Shop's Name has underscores around it. When the message is sent in Slack, the message would render as Your Shop Name. Note, our preview system does not render the final rendered result of HTML or Markdown.


Arigato Functions
Functions in Arigato are a shortcut to save time when formatting messages. Search the Token browser for "slack" to access and insert a complete Function. The Functions that support Slack message formatting are listed below.

The token browser will provide working examples, however, the format parameter needs to be changed to slack. For example, the format here was changed from plain to slack.

{{ shopify_admin_link(product, {resource: 'products', format: 'slack', title: null}) }}
Function Description
shopify_admin_link Creates a link to a product in the Shopify admin
product_link Creates a link to a product on the online store.
order_products_list Creates a list of all products in an order.
format_address Creates a cleanly formatted address.

Custom Actions

Using this Action in a Custom Action is supported. See documentation.