Global Action: Send to Shopify Flow

Arigato Automation can send data to the Shopify Flow app, allowing merchants to trigger additional actions or interact with other apps.

Configuring the Action

This Action requires the integration be enabled first. See the Related Article at the bottom of the page for instructions on configuring the integration.

One or more values can be sent to Shopify Flow using this Action. All fields support Tokens and Twig code. The only requirement is that the data being sent matches the expected data format for the field. For example, if the the Email field is used, it must have a valid email address as the data.  

Field Name Description Example Value
Trigger Title A plain string to identify the flow trigger. Order Notifications
String One Text field for passing a string value. New Order Received
String Two Additional text field for another string value. SKU12345
String Three Field to pass more string data. Size: Medium
String Four Text field for string data. Color: Blue
String Five Text field for string data. Express Shipping
Number One Used for numerical values. 1
Number Two Field for numerical inputs. 29.99
Number Three Field to input another numeric value. 3
Boolean One Boolean field to specify true/false. true
Boolean Two Additional boolean field. false
Boolean Three A third field for boolean values. true
URL Enter a web address.
Email For email addresses.

Custom Actions

Using this Action in a Custom Action is supported. See documentation.