Global Action: Send an SMS message

The Send a SMS message Action allows users to send text messages directly to mobile phones from their Workflows. This Action can be used for marketing purposes, transactional alerts, or other notifications that are crucial for business operations.

Configuring the Action

Field Name Description
To The recipient's phone number, including country code. This can be dynamically set this using tokens from Workflow data.
Message The content of the text message, which can be personalized using tokens from Workflow data. Messages over 256 characters will be sent in multiple parts, at additional cost.
Opt Out Message A custom opt-out reply message advising recipients how to stop receiving messages. Must include one of the approved opt-out keywords.
Purpose Specifies whether the message is for "Marketing" or "Transactional" purposes. If for marketing purposes, Shopify's Customer SMS marketing preferences are respected. 

Working Example

Below is an example of this Action might be configured to send an order confirmation message.

  • To: {{ }}
  • Message: "Thank you for your purchase, {{ order.customer.first_name }}! Your order {{ }} is being processed."
  • Opt Out Message: "Reply STOP to unsubscribe from order updates."
  • Purpose: Transactional

Note: Ensure that you comply with all legal requirements and have proper consent before sending SMS messages.

Formatting Phone Numbers

Phone numbers are not always consistently formatted in Shopify. Refer to our format_phone filter documentation to ensure delivery.

Credit Costs

Credit usage is calculated dynamically. Credits are deducted at a rate of 10 credits per 1 cent of actual message cost from our provider, Twilio.

Bring your own Twilio account using the Send a Twilio message Action to reduced costs and enhance control.

Custom Actions

This Action is supported in Custom Actions. Refer to the documentation.