Plans, Action Credits, and Usage Limits

Two Plans For Your Store Type

Arigato's plans are tied to the Shopify plan your store is on. Each Shopify plan has two options in the app, Lite or Unlimited. If your store is on the Basic Shopify plan, then within Arigato, you will have the option to choose either the Lite or Unlimited plan for Basic stores. 

Lite vs. Unlimited Plans

Lite Plans
Lite plans on Arigato Automation are limited by the number of Actions that can be run per calendar month. Most Actions use one credit. SMS and Email use more credits, see SMS & Email below. 

Lite plans do not have access to the Schedules or Bulk Operations systems.

Unlimited Plans
Unlimited plans have unlimited Action credits in most cases. SMS and email sent via our accounts have limits. Additionally, bulk operations also have maximum size limitations that can be raised by upgrading.

SMS & Email Exception
Sending emails and text messages on your behalf costs us money. To protect ourselves from abuse, all plans come with limits on these Actions, including Unlimited plans. There are ways to easily work around these limits by setting up your own accounts to send SMS and emails.

Email Limit Workarounds
In the case of email, simply connect to your own email account via SMTP or Gmail, or connect your own SendGrid account via the Integrations page. Any of these methods only use 1 Action Credit on Lite plans and are unlimited on our Unlimited plans. When changing to use one of these services, note that the Action also needs to be changed to specifically use SMTP or Gmail actions instead of the built-in email action.

SMS Limit Workaround
In the case of SMS (text messages) open your own Twilio account and then connect your Twilio account to your Arigato account via the Integrations page. This method only uses 1 Action Credit on Lite plans and is unlimited on our Unlimited plans. Note that the first time a message sent to a phone number from the app will also trigger a second message with mandatory opt-out messaging which impacts SMS limit counts. Opt-out messaging is required by our provider.

Development Stores

Stores created under a Shopify Partner account and identified as "affiliate" stores are automatically free in Arigato. Choose a plan to unlock the features of that plan. When the store launches, we will start billing your store for use of the app.

What Happens If I Upgrade or Downgrade My Shopify Store Plan?

The next time you visit the app, we will prompt you to choose a plan that corresponds with your new Shopify store plan. For example, if you upgrade to Shopify Plus, the next time you visit the app, you'll need to upgrade your Arigato subscription to a Plus plan as well (either Lite or Unlimited).

How Are Action Credits Deducted?

Action Credits are only deducted when an Action is performed. They are not deducted when testing conditions to see if an Action should be performed. For example, if you have a Workflow that is looking for a very specific condition in an order and your store gets thousands of orders, but the condition only occurs rarely, you'll only be charged a credit when the Conditions are met and the Action is performed. 

What's an Action Credit?

An action credit usually represents performing a single action. Performing some actions can cost more. 

Some Actions cost more Action Credits than others, simply because they cost us money to perform on your behalf, such as sending email or SMS text messages. In most cases, you can set up the same Action using your own account instead of ours for fewer credits. For example, if you set up your own Twilio account and use it in the app, SMS messages are only 1 credit, but if you use the built-in "SMS" integration, the credit cost varies depending on the actual charge for the SMS message from the provider.

What Happens If I Hit My Plan Limits?

Before you hit your plan limit we'll email you letting you know that you are running low on Action Credits and should either upgrade or tweak your workflows. If you use 100% of your Action Credits we'll email you. All overage actions will be kept in the queue. Once a new month starts, or if you upgrade your account, you'll be able to re-run the actions that were stopped.

What Happens If A Bulk Operation Hits My Plan Limits?

All bulk operations are evaluated before the execution of the bulk operation starts. This means that we will never start a bulk operation, partially complete the tasks, and then stop the bulk operation somewhere in the middle. If your bulk operation is evaluated and is not rejected due to plan limits (daily quota), we will stop the bulk operation and email you about the problem.

How Often Are Action Credits Refilled?

Action Credits are refilled on the first day of each month.

Do Action Credits Roll Over from Month to Month?

No. Action Credits expire on the last day of the month and renew on the first day of the following month. We offer a wide range of plans with varying number of Action Credits to try and support every store type, ranging from small to Plus-size stores.

What about smaller plans for doing fewer actions?

We believe our current billing model is the fairest to you as a merchant and us as a developer. While we understand this model may leave something to be desired when you only want to use the app for one specific use case. We also know that a typical merchant discovers the app under that same circumstance, and then finds that the app has much more to offer besides that one initial use case. In fact, we have many merchants that started that way and now utilize the app to run their entire operations, all at that same initial price point. We are certain that you will find much more value in the app than you might initially realize. For example, many merchants find that they can stop paying for many other apps and consolidate on Arigato. 

Additionally, please consider that while you may only want to trigger an Action under a very specific circumstance, the app must listen to all events under that trigger in order to act on that specific instance. In some cases, this means sifting through thousands of payloads per day in order to catch that one thing. Smaller stores send fewer payloads and Plus stores send the most, but all stores with active workflows add a load to our servers and systems.