Integrations Overview

Integrations provide your workflows with additional functionality, typically by adding more Action types. Some integrations require configuration, such as the Trello and Slack integration.


To enable an integration simply click the "Enable" button and follow the instructions on the screen. Some integrations will require a 3rd party service. For example, in order to use Twilio or SendGrid you must have paid accounts with those services and setup API access.


Some integrations cost more Action Credits to use than others. For example, if you setup your own Twilio account for SMS, every SMS message sent will only cost 1 credit. If you use the built-in SMS integration that will cost 10 Action Credits.

Not Finding an Integration?

We appreciate when people let us know what integrations they are looking for. We are constantly working at building more integrations and want to work on yours! So please, let us know what you're interested in! In the "Coming Soon" section you can click "request an integration" and let us know what you need.